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Geriatrician Clinic

Welcome to ACSMS

Aged Care Specialist Medical Service is bulk billed geriatric service dedicated to providing quality care for our elderly currently residing in the nursing homes, retirement villages and community.
We aim to not only provide an efficient geriatric service but also to help upskill the nursing staff looking after the residents.
At ACSMS we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are willing to travel and provide specialist care in areas such as dementia, behaviour and psychological issues related with dementia, falls, polypharmacy, complex medical conditions, frailty and heart failure. We also assist with falls and rehabilitation program in the nursing homes. Since 2014 we have provided quality care to over 20 nursing homes and some retirement villages across Sydney and Gosford. We have also started providing telehealth services to various nursing homes across the state and medical centres in the telehealth eligible areas.


The geriatric assessment is a multidimensional assessment designed to evaluate an older person’s functional ability, physical health, cognition and mental health, and socio-environmental circumstances.


Specific elements of physical health that are evaluated include nutrition, vision, hearing, faecal and urinary continence, and balance. The geriatric assessment aids in the diagnosis of medical conditions; development of treatment and follow-up plans; coordination of management of care; and evaluation of long-term care needs and optimal placement.



Behavioral and psychological issues related to dementia: Certain forms of dementia patients can exhibit various behavioral issues which can create challenges for the carers. 


Our team provides individually tailored management plans and the education that assists families to deal with the difficult circumstances surrounding the disease. We also provide links to various organizations that assist with the care for dementia patients.



Cognitive impairment refers to problems related to memory and judgment. Early assessment not only help to treat certain forms of dementia, but it also gives an opportunity to the patient


and the family to pre-plan the journey ahead.



Advance care planning is the process that empowers a person to express their wishes for care, levels of treatment and acceptable health outcomes if they were to get too sick to express themselves later on. 


When an advance care plan is documented, it can guide clinical decision-making should a person be unable to participate in making decisions for themselves. However, we understand that it can be very confusing for the patient and families to decide about this. Our team of professionals assists in a way so that you can make a sensible and informed decision about your future care.


Our Doctors

Dr Kawaljit Singh

Geriatrician and consultant physician
Conjoint Lecturer, University of Western Sydney

I am a geriatrician and consultant physician and currently working as a staff specialist in Campbelltown and Camden public hospitals. I am also working as a visiting medical officer in Campbelltown private hospital.

I graduated with MBBS in 2002 and then completed my basic physician training in medicine and advanced training in geriatric medicine in Westmead and Nepean Hospitals. I achieved my fellowship in geriatric medicine in 2013. I also enjoy teaching medical students and junior medical officer. I am currently working as a conjoint lecturer in Macarthur Clinical School, University of Western Sydney. I have been involved in research and was awarded the best poster presentation award in 2013 by Nepean Medical Research Foundation. I can speak, read and write four languages including Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. I have a vast experience in dealing with patients from multicultural backgrounds. My area of expertise include falls and balance assessment, frailty and osteoporosis prevention. My other areas of interest are dementia, stroke prevention, polypharmacy and sexual health in older people.

I believe in healthy ageing. I am trying to achieve that through falls prevention clinic and general geriatric clinics. I am keen on promoting awareness about falls and frailty in the society so that our older people can enjoy their every moment.